"The glass and the plate can destroy or live a great love"

and one adds, to Bordeaux, that if the wine likes to serve the plate, it knows to remain alone!

Characters opposed not share together and a very rich recipe in flavors, harm a delicate and complex wine.

Besides your personal taste and some initiatives copies a regional custom, we invite you to follow next basis rules :

- To serve the cool wine before the wine to room temperature.

- To serve the light or young wine before the complex or old wine.

- A unique wine accompanies a modest meal.

- The wine of the soil serves the regional cooking.

- The wine used in the recipe accompanies the dish.

- The wine agrees badly with the vinaigrette and spices, it give up its place to the water.

- A wine to room temperature are drunk to 15C, 16C exceptionally to 18C for the most heady.

- The wine do not like travel, variations of temperature; save it the freezer, the ice or the chimney.

- The chocolate is the enemy of the wine.

We propose you some combination suggestions. It is a rapid tour of the great regions of production; French soil is again richer in nuances and in originalities.

This rubric will be surely very largely developed and your observations us will be very precious.

In the meantime, we wish you.. ... ....Good appetite.. ... ....in a sensible moderation!


Make your choice:


- By selecting wines from a region



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